Friday, March 9, 2012

Raymond's Take 2!!

Last Saturday it was our 5th Wedding Anniversary. We tried to plan something special but about 2 weeks before I found out I had to work so we said so long to any tentative romantic getaway. After coming home from work, we decided it was time to pay another visit to the great Raymond's of Montclair. You may recall or you can visit the post here, I gave this restaurant an extremely good review, well, it deserves another one!

We arrived at around 6 pm and it did not came as a surprise that we had to wait, yes, this time the place was packed. We decided to stroll around for a little while until our name was called. I had visited Montclair a million times and for some reason I never dared to enter a bookstore that I always pass by. This time we decided to go in, funny to use this phrase here but, never judge a book by its cover! I thought the place was tiny inside with nothing of much interest but to my surprise the place is huge! It has 3 floors and a great stock of cookbooks (vegetarian too!) and vinyls (for my husband) so we can both spend a whole afternoon entertained :)
The estimated 20 minute wait had passed so we decided to leave. As soon as we arrived, our name was called and we were seated at the other end of the restaurant facing the window. It was very nice and cozy, the lights were very soft and there were candles on every table, very romantic.
The great moment of ordering arrived, I couldn't be more anxious to finally taste their food again!
I had been savoring another plate of grits since last year, so as I promised myself, I ordered the Mushroom Grits as an appetizer. No disappointment here! The grits were perfectly creamy and the mushrooms were so deliciously seasoned, I just wanted to cry!

Then, came the Vegetarian Chili, it was like a vegetable stew with zuchini, beans, onions, tomatoes, topped with sour cream and cillatro, accompanied by two pieces of cornbread, also delicious. It was very rich, full of flavor, the cilantro predominated, my husband tried it but because of it and the zucchini he was thankful he ordered the macaroni. I really enjoyed the chili, unlike him, I enjoy veggie soups and stews and cilantro!

Now on to the Mac n' Cheese, he ordered them with stewed tomatoes. They were creamy and tangy and just perfect, very filling too! There was no room for dessert after such a succulent meal.

The service was flawless again and the food was awesome. Still with the memories of the heavenly flavors in my body I suggested we go there for my dad's birthday... Today! I can't wait to share this gem with my family. Happy times!


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