Friday, March 23, 2012

More Awards!

I received two awards from Choc Chip Uru from Go Bake Yourself. She is an extremely talented foodie who is still in high school! At her age I didn't even imagine I would love cooking and baking and she already has years of experience. And because of this and because she knows what deliciousness is all about, I feel very honored to have received these awards from her, please visit her blog and start drooling!

The requirement for the first award is to list 10 facts about myself :-) and reward it to 6 favorite blogs.

Ok, so here it goes! 

1- I am a very shy person and having a social life has always been a challenge for me.

2-Just like Choc Chip Uru said, I am terrified of spiders and bugs in general, when I was a kid I used to scream like crazy at the sight of one but I learned to suppress the screams in order to not scare my parents to death!

3- Living in the country has always been a platonic dream of mine but it will continue to be just a dream, (refer to fact number 2)

4- I have difficulty sticking to just one activity for a long period of time, unless I am forced to finish what I've started! (Example: school)

5- I've worked in an animal hospital for 8 years, first job I ever got and have managed to keep it, there's still a glimpse of consistency in me!

6- I believe in the supernatural: angels, fairies, ghosts, you name it. 

7- This one might be related to the previous fact but it deserves a spot for itself. I believe in dreams, I always look for hidden messages in everything I dream and what other people dream too! Because I find it so hard to meditate, I believe that if any beings (preferably good ones) want to communicate a message to me, it will be through a dream which is the only time my mind rests.

8-I care about the environment and I try to do my part by taking public transportation, recycling, doing manual laundry and line drying (this needs a post of its own), using reusable bottles, etc.

9- I absolutely love dancing, when I was a kid I wanted to be a choreographer (and a singer, visual artist, architect, model, etc.) but life drove me through different roads.

10- English is my second language, as you may or may not notice. I was born in Argentina but I gained my independence in the US so even though I have fond memories of my childhood in the South American country, I can only feel I belong in the States :)

The second award I received from her is The Sunshine Award.

The rules are:
Include the award logo in your blog 
Answer 10 questions about yourself
Nominate 10 bloggers
Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they have been nominated.
Share the love and link the person who nominated you 
 Ten Questions 

Favorite Color – Violet or purple (it used to be blue but purple is happier)

Favorite Animal – Penguin 

Favorite Number – 7, it's just magical!

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink – Piña Colada, alcoholic or not, although I'm still discovering the beverage world.

Prefer Facebook or Twitter – Facebook, even though I've tried Twitter, it is so hard to write everything I do!

My Passion – Cooking, baking, reading and dancing! 

Prefer Getting or Giving Presents – Both :) 

Favorite Pattern – Plaid ? (I never really thought about it) 

Favorite Day of the Week – Friday because it's the start of my weekend! 

Favorite Flower – Gardenia :-) 

Following the steps of Chip Choc Uru, I chose 8 bloggers who deserve these two awards. 
And the winners are...
Her recipes are so fresh and colorful: Cooking Cowgirl
Want to share life experiences and good food? Visit: Debbie Uncharted
His blog shows art in all forms, elegance and deliciousness: Cozinhando com Amigos
There are no words to describe her blog, her posts are concise and just amazing, not to mention her photographs!! Oh Cake
Another amazing photographer, every single post creates a feeling of awe.  Spicie Foodie
The culinary world through the eyes of a New York City actress: The Cooking Actress
My stomach screams every time I visit her blog, sweet cravings at its max!! Elinluv's Sweet Delights
Her sweet recipes should be part of a fairy tale, they are magical!!  Dulce Dough


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