Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Veins Video and I've got another award!

This past weekend was crazy, on Saturday my husband had a show with his band, The Veins, so we (siblings and I) went to see them. It was great, as always, and as  promised here are some videos. Mauro (singer and my husband!), Renato (drummer), Mario (bassist) and Sean (guitarist). I recorded with my point and shoot camera so I apologize for any weird movements or zoom quality you might notice. Enjoy :)



We got home at 5 am! I am really, not used to that. So between eating breakfast (I was starving) and getting ready for bed, I went to sleep at 6 am. To make matters worse, I woke up at 8:45 am and could not go back to sleep, I was exhausted but could not fall asleep, so I tossed and turned for 3 hours and finally decided to get out of bed. My husband slept straight through (so jealous!). That day I was a zombie, staring at inanimate objects for minutes, trying to convince my body to move, unsuccessfully. I am really not a night owl, I enjoy my mornings, they are so full of possibilities (and light)! 

But my day got a lot better when I received a message that the Professor Vegetable had given me a Liebster Blog Award!

I was, and I am, so happy. It really does not get old, it's great to receive awards, it is really encouraging, as I said before. Please visit his blog, it is very fun and it's full of healthy vegetarian recipes, you'll love it ( I know I do!).
I didn't do it before but this time around I'll post the requirements to give the Liebster Blog Award.
You have to choose 5 favorite (Liebster) blogs that you follow and that have 200 followers or less. This is really great as there are so many wonderful blogs that do not have all the followers they deserve. Check them out, you'll want to become new followers.
Here are the five blogs I want to give this precious award to:

All That I'm Eating
Culinary Education 
All-American Vegetarian
Bread and Milk and Blackberries
The Little Housewife...Domestic Adventure

(I tried to search in your blogs to make sure you didn't get one already but if you did, double the joy! Right?)

Thank you all for being wonderful! Spread the LOVE :-) 


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