Monday, December 5, 2011

Finished my first 5K race!

 Taking a break from the food posts, I wanted to share something that was extremely important to me. For a while now, I've been having problems finishing or getting somewhere with all the activities I've started ( yoga, tai chi, dance lessons, etc). Honoring the name of my blog, I am curious, I like to explore, but normally that is all I do, I get a general idea of the topic and I move on to the next thing. So this past summer I decided to start jogging. It was hard, very hard, but it was a great activity to save money, be in contact with nature and burn the extra calories I eat! I invited my sister to join me, she is always looking for new challenges, so we started training for our first 5K! 

 The original date for the race was October 30 but because of the snow storm we had on the 29th, it was postponed until November 27, 2011

It was actually great for me, because I was recovering from heel pain that started after jogging more than the usual distance. Little by little I started jogging again, and even though I could not improve my timing, at least I was able to finish the distance, which is the most important goal when running for the first time!

The big day came and it was beautiful! It was chilly and a bit cloudy but perfect for exercising. I was very excited and nervous because I didn't know how anything worked and even worse, we got there 10 minutes before the race! So we ran to the pre-registration tables, we got our goody bags and long sleeve t-shirts (free stuff, yay!)  and after pinning the numbers to our shirts and attaching the timing device to our shoelaces we ran to the start line (no time to warm up!).
I started jogging slowly, with a big smile on my face, it was fun, and the other runners kept us motivated, so much better than the practices! And I felt important, traffic was being stopped for us, how cool is that!
One of my fears was to get lost, but that is almost impossible, there were signs with arrows everywhere and people leading all the time.
By mile 2, I was very tired but after spilling drinking a few sips of water ( I really have to practice how to drink while jogging, it looks so easy on TV! lol!),  I got more strength to continue. The cool water and the cheers got me through the last mile. My body was tired but when I saw the the blue lines, I felt no more pain or fatigue, I sprinted to the end feeling nothing but the desire to reach the finish line. Truly amazing!

Me on the left, Noelia (my sister)  on the right (grey pants)

My time was 29:48.6 which is good considering my athletic condition and that it was my first race, and I was 3rd within my age group, yay! (older people were faster and fitter than our "young" selves) .  My sister finished a little bit behind me, still with a stomach ache that started early that morning, probably nerves :-/, hopefully the next one will feel better for her.

After this big event, hopefully we can keep it up and run our first 10K next year, and more 5Ks with better timing, of course. Running this race gave me some peace of mind, because I proved to myself that I am still capable of finishing what I've started, motivation is the key!


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