Friday, October 28, 2011


This past weekend we got a chance to visit Raymond's from Montclair, NJ. 

Many times we passed by and the place was packed, always with people lining out the door. We figured it had to be a great place to eat but with so many good restaurants in this city we thought it wasn't worth the wait. Boy, were we wrong! On Sunday we were surprised to see that there was nobody waiting outside so we decided to go in. We still had to wait about five minutes to be seated (they weren't so slow after all). The place looked small but it certainly held a lot of people. The atmosphere was very comfortable, very homey, like a small diner with very good food (description to come).
 Preparing tables for a party.

A table with two benches became available on the side and that's where we were directed. The waitress who served us was incredibly courteous and very sweet. We placed our orders and gladly our food arrived after a very short wait.

My brother accompanied us in this culinary adventure, he is a flexitarian, mostly because my mom is a vegetarian so he eats meat whenever he goes out. He ordered the Grilled Ham and Cheese (Gruyere) with fries and he said everything was very tasty.

My husband, (who is a pescetarian at the moment) ordered the fish tacos which came with rice and beans on the side. After putting some salt on them, he said they were very good.
I'm sure all that cabbage was responsible for the salt problem :P

And finally, the best dish ( the only one I could taste!), Vegetarian Tagliatelle and a side of Grits. So let me start with the Grits, being the first time I tasted them and not having any knowledge of the real southern Grits, my humble opinion (and my hubby's) is that they were amazing. They were creamy, buttery and cheesy, heaven in my mouth! I plan to order the appetizer version, Grits with Wild Mushrooms, next time we go (hopefully very soon).

The Vegetarian Tagliatelle were also delicious, my mouth waters just thinking about them. The dish consisted of tagliatelle with arugula pesto, pine nuts, fresh cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. It was a perfect combination, a bit of sweetness and acidity from the tomatoes, earthiness and a touch of bitterness from the pine nuts and the savory saltiness of the feta cheese.

Unfortunately, we had no room for dessert but I'll starve myself if necessary in order to try some next time.
The prices were very reasonable, cheap, considering the quality of the food :)

So, if you ever decide to visit Montclair, try this place, you won't regret it :)

Be Curious, Explore and Enjoy!!!!


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